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Viral Quiz Maker - OnionBuzz for WordPress

[VİP] Viral Quiz Maker - OnionBuzz for WordPress v1.2.7

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Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 1

Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 2

  • Popular Post Types — Trivia, Personality and Checklist quiz types, Lists & Ranked Lists, Flip Cards. Coming soon more!​
  • Feeds (categories) — Create as many categories as you need. Add them as widget for content filtering.​
  • Leaderboard — Display attractive Trivia Leaderboard widget. Engage your audience to compete and spend more time on your website.​
  • Sharing buttons — Share quiz score with friends on popular social networks.​
  • Gather subscribers — Add and customize Mailchimp opt-in form using plugin settings. You can even lock quiz results under the form!​
  • Social locker — Force to share quiz on social networks to unlock quiz results.​
  • Advertising — Mix your stories with AdSense, image banners or custom code ads. Different ad locations are available for any needs.​
  • Quiz statistics — Learn more about players and each play using internal back-end stats.​
  • Quizzes Answer Types — List, grid (1-4 per row), match (Trivia only).​
  • Integration options — Use as native plugin’s feed or/and embed quiz with shortcode.​
  • WordPress widgets — For your feeds and stories.​
  • Thoughtful design — OnionBuzz was designed for the best experience with any well-coded theme. Additionally, customize UI colors to match your site without coding.​
  • Quiz layouts — Display quiz as full list or compact slider with one question per screen.​
  • Question ordering — Display user-defined or randomized questions order.​
  • Post-answer options — Let you display correct answer content after player makes choice or keep intrigue.​
  • Translation ready — Use Loco Translate or similar tools to translate plugin on your language. Then you can send translation files to us!​
  • 100% Responsive — Have fun playing OnionBuzz on any device!​
Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 3

Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 4

WordPress Shortcodes
Using shortcodes with WordPress blog posts you need to add featured image, title and description for the post in addition. While with native OnionBuzz custom post types you need to fill the story only. Benefits of shortcodes are that you can add stories anywhere on your website. But with native plugin features you have less worries with formatting. And the great thing is that both methods work great together on one website.

Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 5

Marketing Tools
OnionBuzz lets not only to create awesome viral content for your website. You can use the plugin to achieve your marketing and business goals. Grow your website in all possible directions, get more subscribers, shares, improve site metrics and more. OnionBuzz really helps to make your website works and increase profit!

Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 6

Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 7

It’s easy to advertise or run marketing campaigns with OnionBuzz. Store AdSense ads, image banners or any custom code ads. And decide where to display your ads. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Ad locations
  • After each story​
  • Before each story​
  • Under the result area of quizzes​
  • After each X quiz questions or story items (e.g. ‘items’ mean list items in Ranked lists or so)​
Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 8

Viral Quiz Maker — OnionBuzz for WordPress - 9

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