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Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

[VİP] Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v6.8

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Download Impreza v6.8 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Free
Version 6.8 — October 28, 2019

  • ADDED White Label – now it's possible to rename "Impreza" label and change theme image and menu icon. Those options are available with activated Impreza license only.
  • ADDED Cookie Notice – now it's possible to show simple notice about Cookie Policy to site visitors
  • ADDED ability to rename "Portfolio" labels on admin pages
  • IMPROVED Content templates – now that options has separate own posts named Content templates instead of Page Blocks. This improves user experience. All Page Blocks used in "Content template" options will automatically moved into "Content templates" admin page after update.
  • IMPROVED Post Image for Grid with Products – now it's possible to show simple slider, which shows product gallery images on hover. Check the example
  • FIXED bug when "magnific-popup.js" file is loaded on pages with Grid even with disabled "Overriding link" option
  • FIXED bug when gradient color is not shown for Headings inside Rows with Alternate content colors
  • FIXED bug when images in Post Navigation element are not appear with enabled "Lazy Load" option
  • FIXED work of removing "http/https" in the paths to files on Theme Options > Advanced
  • FIXED bug when Grid with On-sale products shows all products, if no On-sale products
  • FIXED bug when images inside Popup are not appear with enabled "Lazy Load" option
  • FIXED bug when background image is not shown in FlipBox, if site has non-latin URL
  • FIXED incorrect appearance of Interactive Text, when Headings color set as gradient
  • FIXED appearance of WooCommerce messages, like "added to cart" notification
  • FIXED appearance of Text Block element inside Fullwidth Row on small screens
  • FIXED incorrect position of smooth scrolling with enabled "Lazy Load" option
  • FIXED appearance of WooCommerce widgets with products lists
  • FIXED some minor issues while printing website pages
  • FIXED some minor bugs