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Directories Pro plugin for WordPress

[VİP] Directories Pro plugin for WordPress v1.2.57

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Directories Pro for WordPress
Directories Pro is a WordPress plugin that lets you build any kind of directory such as a community driven local business directory like Yelp.com, Google+ Places, or Yahoo! Local, a user directory, a website directory, a property directory, etc. It’s the most feature rich and versatile directory plugin you can find for WordPress.

Directories Pro demoDirectories Pro documentation
Directories Pro features
Feature list
  • Unlimited number of directories
  • Disable or enable categories/tags/locations/reviews/claims/payments per directory
  • Export and import directory settings
  • Export and import any directory content
  • Directory permission (capability) manager
  • Add custom fields to listings/reviews/claims (custom post types)
  • Add custom fields to categories/tags/locations (custom taxonomies)
  • Conditional fields
  • Use content display editor to customize appearance of content without any coding
  • Create full or partial template files for more control over display
  • Hide/show content by user roles
  • Advanced search form with auto-suggestion
  • Fully customizable filter form with live updating facet count
  • Search and filter by custom fields
  • Search and filter by current location (geolocation)
  • Search form shortcode
  • Create multiple filter groups
  • WooCommerce support – charge users for submitting new listings or claiming existing listings
  • Charge switch plan / re-activation fee
  • Prorated discount
  • Guest checkout
  • Create add-on plans for additional revenue
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support
  • Submit listings/reviews from frontend
  • Manage listings/reviews/claims/votes through frontend directory dashboard
  • Custom login/registration forms
  • reCAPTCHA support (v2 checkbox and v3)
  • Guest posting without user registration
  • Frontend directory dashboard public view mode
  • WooCommerce my-account page integration
  • BuddyPress profile page integration
  • Ultimate Member profile page integration
  • PeepSo profile page integration
  • Limit number of frontend submitted listings and reviews (per listing)
  • Limit number of frontend submitted listings and reviews (per listing) by user role
  • Limit number of frontend submitted listings and reviews (per listing) by membership of WooCommerce Memberships
  • Display listings/reviews/categories/tags/locations in list/grid/masonry view
  • Show listings in photo/carousel slider
  • Configure custom query
  • Sort by custom fields
  • Display views anywhere with shortcode
  • Create a glossary with A-Z filter
  • Customizable multi-criteria 5-star rating reviews
  • Filter and/or sort listings by review rating
  • Filter reviews
  • Search listings by review content
  • Show review rating statistics by stars or criteria
  • Fully compatible with popular SEO plugins
  • Configure custom permalink URLs for listings/categories/tags/locations
  • Generate custom shema.org JSON-LD
  • Custom OpenGraph meta tags
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO and Breadcrumb NavXT breadcrumbs
  • Display map using Google Maps API
  • Display map using OpenStreetMap with Leaflet.js (100% free)
  • GDPR compliance
  • Claim listings
  • WPML support
  • Admin and user notification e-mails
  • Contact us form (supports Contact From 7, WPForm, Gravity Forms)
  • Advanced Custom Fields support
  • Dummy content generator
  • Online plugin update (no FTP required)
Other useful resources
Change log
v1.2.59 – AUG 14, 2019
- Bug fixed: Missing CSS class causing layout issue when grid layout is disabled in List view mode since v1.2.58.
- Bug fixed: Title and Listing Description fields still showing up in frontend even when disabled in payment plan settings.

v1.2.58 – AUG 11, 2019
- Bug fixed: Additional features for listings with subscription payment plan could not be saved from backend.
- Bug fixed: "Load more button" pagination not working when grid layout disabled in List view mode.
- Bug fixed: Some display issues with Video type field.
- Bug fixed: Some JavaScript issues with Choice type field.
- Bug fixed: "Open link in" setting not appearing when "Link to Google Maps" setting switched on for Location field display element.
- Improved: Subscription payment plans can now be upgraded/downgraded without cancelling current subscription.
- Improved: Do not show login/register page if custom login/registration forms not enabled and no guest info required.
- Improved: Hide payment plans restricted by WooCommerce Memberships membership if no valid membership when adding listings.

v1.2.57 – AUG 6, 2019
- Added: Option to disable media buttons for "WordPress editor" form field type.
- Added: Option to remove protocol (http/https) for URL type field.
- Added: Option to disable fancy dropdown for taxonomy term, Choice, and Time type field filters.
- Bug fixed: Dashboard panel names in backend settings not being reflected in frontend.
- Bug fixed: Error when deactivating WooCommerce Subscriptions when one or more subscription payment plans active.
- Bug fixed: Directory pages not editable with Elementor editor.
- Bug fixed: Search form not able to submit search for fields disabled in default search form settings.
- Bug fixed: ACF field group setting for "ACF Field" display element reverting back to default.
- Improved: Show error when entering text longer than 255 characters for option values in Choice type field.
- Improved: Save CSV import field mapping settings for later re-use.
- Improved: Show better error message when importing images/files for Image/File type fields.
- Improved: Add "alt" attribute to map marker images.

v1.2.56 – JUL 20, 2019
- Added: Option to show pricing table on add/claim listing page (Directories -> Settings -> Payment).
- Added: Option to show checkboxes/radios in multiple columns for Categories, Locations, Tags, and Choice type field filters.
- Bug fixed: Login/register form not displayed to guest users when no guest information is required for submitting posts.
- Bug fixed: Street View field renderer could not be selected for Location type field since recent versions.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with browser back button and multi-step form submission.
- Bug fixed: Conditional rules for fields not working properly on certain occasions.

v1.2.55 – JUL 16, 2019
- Bug fixed: No payment plan option description not showing up when claiming listings.
- Bug fixed: Map markers not being displayed on map on certain occasions.
- Bug fixed: Some PHP date format settings in WordPress not working correctly in date picker form field.
- Added: drts_location_address_search_max_radius filter hook for modifying maximum search radius (default: 100).
- Added: Option to disable fancy dropdown for Location Selection Search and Category Selection Search form fields.

v1.2.54 – JUL 2, 2019
- Added: Option to set no payment plan option description.
- Bug fixed: Categories could not be saved in backend when hierarchical dropdown option enabled for "Categories" field.
- Bug fixed: Default field renderer for "Time" type field showing day of week and end time even when disabled in field settings.
- Improved: Do not require "Address Line 2" input field of "Location" type field.

v1.2.53 – JUN 25, 2019
- Added: Option to link review images to listings.
- Improved: Compatibility with some themes.
- Improved: "Secondary sort order" option in view settings no longer needs to be one of options selected for "Sort options".
- Bug fixed: Listings without reviews not showing up when sorted by review rating.
- Bug fixed: Facet count cache not cleared after listings created/updated.

v1.2.52 – JUN 20, 2019
- Improved: Video type field now accepts video URLs in addition to video IDs.
- Bug fixed: Random sort order not working properly on certain occasions.
- Bug fixed: Facebook App ID not included in OpenGraph meta tags even when configured in settings.

v1.2.51 – JUN 18, 2019
- Added: Option to set Facebook App ID for Open Graph meta tags.
- Bug fixed: Content items referenced with "Reference" type field not showing up in displays on certain occasions.
- Bug fixed: Old custom permalink settings not being removed causing 404 error on certain occasions.

v1.2.50 – JUN 15, 2019
- Bug fixed: Bookmarks, Rating, Votes fields appearing in Manage Fields section since v1.2.49.
- Bug fixed: Browser freezing when invalid lat/lng values entered in Location field.

v1.2.49 – JUN 14, 2019
- Added: "Load More" button pagination option for "List" view mode in "Pagination Settings" section for views.
- Added: Show list of bookmarks and ratings on backend edit listing page with "Clear all" button.
- Added: Show list of bookmarks and votes on backend edit review page with "Clear all" button.
- Added: Options to query listings by bookmark count, rating sum, and/or review rating in "Query by field" setting for views.
- Added: Options to query reviews by bookmark count and/or vote sum in "Query by field" setting for views.
- Bug fixed: Link to images rendered by "Gallery" field renderer not working properly since recent versions.

v1.2.48 – JUN 5, 2019
- Added: Option to enable hierarchical dropdowns for selecting categories.
- Added: Option to always use default location as map center.
- Bug fixed: Review Rating sort option not appearing since v1.2.47.
- Bug fixed: Some minor JavaScript errors.
- Improved: Better compatibility with WordPress template hierarchy.
- Improved: Ability to embed current user information or use shortcode in custom not found text for views.
- Improved: Some CSS compatibility issues.
- Improved: Less timeout errors with geolocation.
- Updated: Bootstrap CSS/JS library to v4.3.1.

v1.2.47 – MAY 31, 2019
- Added: reCAPTCHA v3 support.
- Added: ID field display element (outputs ID of post/term).
- Added: Option to exclude post content from keyword search.
- Bug fixed: Custom CSS not editable when switching tabs under Manage Displays section.
- Bug fixed: Some translation issues with view sort options.
- Updated: Directory icons updated to latest version of Dashicons.

v1.2.46 – MAY 25, 2019
- Added: Option to set placeholder text for Title and Tags fields.
- Bug fixed: JavaScript error with Google Maps Places Autocomplete.
- Bug fixed: Secondary sort order for views could not be empty.
- Bug fixed: Map not shown in tab when tab is initially hidden and using custom URL hash.
- Improved: CSS compatibility with themes.
- Updated: Font Awesome icons to v5.8.2.

v1.2.45 – MAY 20, 2019
- Added: Option to specify secondary sort order in view settings.
- Bug fixed: Taxonomy term filter not showing correct post counts when WPML enabled.
- Bug fixed: Bookmark button not working when displayed with [drts-entity] shortcode and "display_element" parameter.
- Bug fixed: System tools not completing when exception thrown on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Fix some form input issues with "Time" type field.
- Bug fixed: Auto-populate option for "Single Line Text", "Email", "URL" type fields not working.

v1.2.43/1.2.44 – MAY 15, 2019
- Bug fixed: Some issues with filtering by taxonomy terms since v1.2.42.
- Bug fixed: Generate terms first so that correct terms can be associated with posts when using Generate Translations tool.
- Improved: Enable/disable reCAPTCHA field separately for login, registration, and guest posting forms.

v1.2.42 – MAY 12, 2019
- Added: New carousel slider view mode.
- Added: "Claimed" listing label.
- Added: Cache settings for displays rendered by view.
- Added: New "Post Reference" field to relate WordPress posts with posts/terms in Directories Pro.
- Bug fixed: Lost/reset password pages not working when using [drts-frontend-login] shortcode.
- Bug fixed: HTML tags shown in form error messages.
- Bug fixed: Reference type field importing/exporting single value only.
- Bug fixed: Schema.org JSON-LD settings not saving some properties on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Match All option not working for taxonomy term filters.
- Bug fixed: ACF field values not being saved in the frontend on certain occasion.
- Improved: Generate "Featured Listings", "Map", "Recent Listings" views when directory created.
- Improved: Compatibility with Bridge, Publisher, JupiterX themes.

v1.2.41 – MAY 6, 2019
- Added: Option for displaying filter options for Choice type field by post count.
- Bug fixed: Taxonomy term content not showing on single term pages since v1.2.39.
- Bug fixed: Sort by voting rating and bookmark count not working.
- Bug fixed: Taxonomy term cache not being cleared using "Refresh taxonomy term cache" tool on certain occasion.

v1.2.40 – MAY 3, 2019
- Bug fixed: Filter label shown as "Array" with some filters when filter form submitted since version 1.2.39.

v1.2.39 – MAY 1, 2019
- Added: Custom lost/reset password pages.
- Bug fixed: Claims could not be approved/rejected since recent updates when payment features enabled.
- Bug fixed: Map marker and lat/lng values disappearing from location/map field on form submission error.
- Improved: Added i18n files to Select2 JavaScript library.

v1.2.38 – APR 25, 2019
- Added: More shortcode parameters to [drts-directory-view] shortcode for overriding view configuration.
- Added: Options to "Location" filter for automatically clicking "Search my location" button on map when page is initially loaded.
- Bug fixed: More JavaScript errors with Internet Explorer 11.
- Improved: Add link to images displayed with "Directories: Directory - Listings" and "Directories: Directory - Related Listings" widgets.
- Improved: Close map infobox when browser window resized.

v1.2.37 – APR 18, 2019
- Added: Ability for creating multiple filter groups and assign different field group to each view.
- Added: "Current Location" button to Location type field to fetch user's current location and auto-fill values.
- Added: "Number of columns" option to "Rating" and "Review Rating" filters.
- Added: Filter hook "drts_wordpress_homepage_cache_lifetime" for modifying cache lifetime of Homepage Control components.
- Added: New "responsive" parameter to [drts-directory-search] shortcode to enable/disable search form responsiveness.
- Bug fixed: Schema.org "location" property not formatted correctly producing errors in Google structured data testing tool.
- Bug fixed: Incorrect Schema.org properties shown on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Schema.org startDate/endDate properties not available for "Event" type.
- Bug fixed: Glossary (A-Z) filter for Title field not showing post counts correctly.
- Improved: Listings can now have the same custom permalink slug configured for category, location, or tag.

v1.2.36 – APR 12, 2019
- Added: New tool for generating content item translations (listing/review/category/location/tag) and copying field values, if multiple languages are enabled in WPML.
- Added: Option to set URL hash for each tab in Tabs display element to enable direct link to tab content.
- Added: More options for configuring separator for display elements rendered by Group display element.
- Bug fixed: Issue with redirection URL after login/registration through 3rd party login/registration plugin pages.
- Bug fixed: Keyword input field filter not working since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Slider input field filter not working with Number type fields since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Map field renderer for Location type field not showing any content in map infobox.
- Bug fixed: Checkout error when Directories Pro page is set as home page.
- Improved: All system tools now use multiple Ajax requests to prevent possible server timeout.
- Improved: Single taxonomy term page compatibility issues with some themes.

v1.2.35 – APR 4, 2019
- Bug fixed: CSS issue with displaying thumbnail images since v1.2.34.
- Bug fixed: Custom label for URL/Email/Phone type fields could not be translated through WPML.
- Added: Option to hide/show review rating stars when no reviews.
- Added: Option to disable auto-suggested listings in keyword search field.

v1.2.34 – APR 2, 2019
- Added: Settings to limit number of frontend submitted listings and reviews (per listing).
- Added: Settings to limit number of frontend submitted listings and reviews (per listing) by user role.
- Added: Settings to limit number of frontend submitted listings and reviews (per listing) by WooCommerce Memberships membership.
- Added: Option to show Summary display in map infobox.
- Added: New "infobox" Summary display.
- Added: Option to include greater/smaller values for Number type field filter.
- Bug fixed: reCAPTCHA field not showing up in submission form since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Open Now label for Labels display element causing error since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: JavaScript errors with Internet Explorer 11.
- Bug fixed: Fields mappable with CSV columns not showing up properly in 2nd step of CSV import wizard on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Choice type field option labels could not be translated through WPML.
- Bug fixed: Listing images not showing up in map markers since v1.2.33.
- Bug fixed: File type options showing up in Image type field settings.
- Improved: Custom address format settings now available for Location type custom fields.

v1.2.33 – MAR 27, 2019
- Added: Option to show Tabs display element as accordion.
- Added: Option to show items in 1/2/3/4/6 columns with Checklist field renderer for Choice type field.
- Added: New filter for Author and User type fields.
- Added: Missing 5/6 width option for Column display element.
- Bug fixed: Password protection not working with single listing and review pages.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with Be and Enfold themes.
- Bug fixed: Location photos not showing up as map marker icons for listings with multiple locations.
- Bug fixed: FOUC (Flash of Unstyled Content) with masonry view mode.
- Bug fixed: Attachments not being assigned to listings when importing with WP All Import since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: [drts-directory-search] shortcode "fields" parameter not working properly.
- Bug fixed: Cached login page being displayed even after logging in on certain occasion.
- Improved: Include payment plan duration in pricing table.
- Improved: Mark status of cancelled listings as draft only when previous status was pending.

v1.2.32 – MAR 20, 2019
- Added: Option to select between 12/24 hour format for Time type field.
- Added: Option to display user name only (no link) for Author field display element.
- Bug fixed: CSV import not importing last row on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Photo slider photos not showing in full height on mobile devices.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with File/Image type fields.

v1.2.31 – MAR 18, 2019
- Added: Option to limit number of Reviews allowed to submit per Listing for each user.
- Bug fixed: Content not being displayed with some themes since v1.2.30.
- Bug fixed: Error messages not being displayed on certain occasion.
- Improved: Clear directory dashboard posts panel post count cache when content items created or status changed.
- Updated: FontAwesome icon library to v5.7.2.

v1.2.30 – MAR 17, 2019
- Added: Option for displaying parent categories/locations to Categories/Locations display elements.
- Bug fixed: Dashboard always showing posts with all statuses when "Include other user's posts" option enabled.
- Bug fixed: CSV rows being skipped during import when Timezone API fails with error when fetching timezone ID.
- Bug fixed: Maximum file size setting for Image/File type fields not working since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Subscription payment plan options not being displayed in directory dashboard.
- Improved: Compatibility with more themes.

v1.2.29 – MAR 8, 2019
- Added: Option to set payment plan renewal period in Directories -> Settings -> Payment.
- Added: Option to hide post title for each listing in "Directories: Directory - Listings" widget.
- Added: Option to set default value for Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Number, URL, Email, Phone Number type fields.
- Added: Option to set placeholder text for Single Line Text, URL, Email, Phone Number type fields.
- Improved: Required fields no longer required when hidden by field conditional rules.
- Improved: Compatibility with Total theme page options and custom single item page.
- Improved: Sort listings by review ratings instead of vote ratings in frontend dashboard if reviews enabled.
- Bug fixed: Conditional field rules not working properly on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Display element for Reference type custom fields not showing up on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Custom button link of Button display element not honoring custom permalink URL settings.
- Bug fixed: Some default fields could not be disabled since recent updates.
- Updated: French translation files.

v1.2.28 – MAR 4, 2019
- Added: Custom address input field options for Location type custom field.
- Added: Option to enable overwriting current field values when "Find on map" button clicked in location address field.
- Added: Option to use custom Location type field as location search form field.
- Added: Option to enable privacy mode for Video type field to load YouTube/Vimeo videos without cookies for GDPR compliance.
- Improved: Child Terms display element to show terms in the order configured with "Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order" plugin.
- Bug fixed: Display issues in Internet Explorer 11 when showing map above listings.
- Bug fixed: Admin tabs not working with some themes.
- Bug fixed: Longitude and map marker not being loaded on edit listing when longitude value is smaller than 1.
- Bug fixed: Default CSS/JS not being loaded when using [drts-entity] shortcode with display_element parameter.

v1.2.27 – FEB 25, 2019
- Improved: Detect timezone when importing location address values from CSV.
- Added: New "delay_show" shortcode parameter for [drts-directory-search] shortcode to delay displaying of search form.
- Bug fixed: Error when saving settings for Listing content type since v1.2.25.
- Bug fixed: Fatal error when Add Listing button in view enabled and Directories - Frontend plugin deactivated later.

v1.2.25/1.2.26 – FEB 21, 2019
- Improved: Compatibility with Astra/Enfold/Salient/The7/Total/X theme page options and custom single item page.
- Added: Option to choose how to handle expired listings.
- Bug fixed: Cron not running on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Tabs display element not creating all tabs when tab label contains multi-byte characters.
- Bug fixed (v1.2.26): Fatal error in one of the files included with v1.2.25.

v1.2.24 – FEB 17, 2019
- Improved: Compatibility issues with WPML.
- Added: Option to display custom label for Phone Number field display element.
- Bug fixed: Dashboard page for users with spaces in user name returning 404 not found error.
- Bug fixed: "No payment plan" option not showing when claiming listings.
- Bug fixed: Issues with Column display element when saving responsive settings.

v1.2.23 – FEB 8, 2019
- Improved: Compatibility with Enfold/Divi/Extra themes.
- Improved: Enable the use of custom image fields for category/tag/location as icons and/or map markers.
- Improved: Compatibility with WPML string translation.
- Improved: Compatibility with Ultimate Member custom user roles.
- Bug fixed: Fix issues with usernames in directory dashboard URL since v1.2.22.
- Bug fixed: Payment plan renewal grace period hard-coded in source code.
- Bug fixed: User account created on guest checkout not assigned as listing author.
- Bug fixed: Fetch timezone error with Google Maps Timezone API.
- Bug fixed: Confirmation message not showing after submitting contact us form created with WPForms.
- Bug fixed: Votes on public dashboard pages always showing votes by current user.
- Bug fixed: Visibility settings tab not showing up for Reference type field.

v1.2.22 – JAN 28, 2019
- New: BuddyPress plugin profile page integration.
- New: Ultimate Member plugin profile page integration.
- New: PeepSo plugin profile page integration.
- Improved: Frontend dashboard can now show public content of any user.
- Improved: Login/Registration page setting can be empty in Settings -> Pages.
- Improved: Compatibility with WPML string translation.
- Added: Option to set number of columns for taxonomy term checkbox field.
- Added: Query by Video type field for views.
- Bug fixed: Photoslider view mode skipping content item if no image.
- Bug fixed: Upload max file size showing incorrect value on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Choice type field options were checked by default.
- Bug fixed: Max/Min text length restriction not working properly for Single Line Text and Paragraph Text type fields.
- Bug fixed: Display elements being hidden on the admin Manage Displays page on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Some settings for Single Line Text type field not showing when editing.

v1.2.21 – JAN 18, 2019
- Bug fixed: Users having to re-select payment plan after login even when selected before login.
- Bug fixed: File upload error not being displayed in frontend.
- Bug fixed: Unable to unselect current selection for Choice type field with select list form element type.
- Added: Option to show featured items first on single term pages only.
- Added: Option to show other user's posts in frontend dashboard if permissions granted.
- Improved: Check conditional field rules server-side in addition to client-side.
- Improved: "Recalculate review ratings" system tool to fix incorrect review counts.

v1.2.20 – JAN 9, 2019
- Bug fixed: Google Maps Geocoding API "Unknown Error" when country code setting empty.
- Improved: CSV Import - Allow import images from URLs without an image extension.

v1.2.19 – JAN 7, 2019
- Bug fixed: "Submit for review" button now showing up in dashboard for deactivated listings.
- Bug fixed: Some display issues with payment order action labels in the backend.

v1.2.18 – JAN 5, 2019
- Bug fixed: WP embeds in listing description and review content fields not working since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Upload image field in the backend not working for taxonomy terms since v1.2.15.
- Added: New DRTS_ENTITY_TAXONOMY_TERMS_CACHE_NUM constant to modify default taxonomy term cache num.

v1.2.16/1.2.17 – JAN 4, 2019
- Bug fixed: Warning error on edit listing page when conditional fields enabled since v1.2.15.
- Bug fixed: Fatal error on displaying listing payment orders on a certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Only "True" alert message shown when number of uploaded files exceeds maximum allowed.
- Bug fixed: "_current_" option for taxonomy term fields in query settings of views not working on single term pages.
- Bug fixed: Auto-suggest taxonomy terms in search form not working since v1.2.15.
- Added: {latitude} {longitude} {timezone} tags to location address field renderer.
- Added: Option to configure message (HTML) shown by views when no items found.
- Improved: Redirect to frontend dashboard page when trying to view login page while logged in.

v1.2.15 – DEC 28, 2018
- New: Support for Advanced Custom Fields to show ACF fields in frontend listing/review form.
- Bug fixed: WooCommerce product info General tab being hidden for non Directories Pro product types.
- Bug fixed: Fatal error on exporting directory settings on a certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Fatal error on generating dummy location address field data on a certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with auto-suggest settings for keyword search form field.
- Bug fixed: Form submission error when using search form shortcode on add listing page.
- Bug fixed: Cron not running at all since recent updates.
- Bug fixed: Display issues with some themes on single category pages.
- Bug fixed: .mov/.qt files not recognized as movie files.
- Added: Option to manually submit filter form.
- Improved: Compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin.

v1.2.13/1.2.14 – DEC 14, 2018
- New: Support for multiple "Summary" displays, lets you optionally use a different display for each view.
- Bug fixed: Payment related database tables not being deleted during uninstall on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Post status of claims submitted by non-admin users not possible to approve/reject on order complete.
- Bug fixed: Dashboard panels not showing correct content on My Account page on certain occasion.
- Bug fixed: Voting Rating display element showing raw JavaScript code in "Summary" display when "Read only" option disabled.
- Bug fixed: Some strings not translatable through WPML String Translation.
- Bug fixed: Hide post count option for auto-suggest taxonomy terms in keyword search form field not working.
- Bud fixed: Duplicate "Max file size" setting for Image type field.
- Bug fixed: Some PHP errors.
- Added: Field renderer (display element) for displaying modified date of posts.
- Added: New constant DRTS_RECAPTCHA_DISABLE to force disable reCAPTCHA on forms.
- Improved: Directories - Listings widget to show taxonomy term specific listings on single taxonomy term pages.
- Improved: Redirect to frontend dashboard page after login if frontend dashboard enabled.

v1.2.12 – NOV 27, 2018
- Added: New "Change table collation" system tool to resolve database table collation issues.

v1.2.11 – NOV 23, 2018
- New: "Directories - Faker" plugin for generating dummy directory content.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with database table collation.
- Improved: More improvements with CSV import/export.
- Improved: Clear display element cache when its settings updated.
- Added: Importable demo categories, locations, and tags.
- Added: Option to hide Timezone selection field when map disabled.

v1.2.10 – NOV 19, 2018
- Bug fixed: Redirection issue with claiming listings after login through WP default login page.
- Bug fixed: Upgrade to paid plan button not showing up on frontend dashboard for no payment plan listings.
- Bug fixed: Display element for File type field not showing up in Manage Displays.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with filter settings in Manage Views -> Manage Filters.
- Improved: Greatly improved speed and reliability of CSV import/export.
- Improved: Allow inline HTML tags in payment plan description.

v1.2.9 – NOV 14, 2018
- Bug fixed: "Continue as guest" option shown when guest user tries to claim a listing.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with sticky map width when switching on/off fullscreen mode.
- Bug fixed: Contact us form message sent only to site e-mail address when payment features disabled.
- Bug fixed: Some display issues with location address field filter.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with Glossary (A-Z) filter.
- Bug fixed: Some issues using [drts-dashboard] shortcode.
- Improved: Do not hide filter form on submit if "Show filters by default" option enabled.
- Added: Option to specify a CSS ID to field/display/filter elements.
- Updated: FontAwesome to v5.5.0.

v1.2.8 – NOV 12, 2018
- New: Charge users for claiming existing listings.
- New: "No payment plan" option can be added to payment plan selection form to bypass cart/checkout.
- New: Options to specify top offset for sticky and fullscreen mode maps.
- New: Options to specify filter button icon/label.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with taxonomy term caching.
- Bug fixed: Map marker not centered when showing single map marker with OpenStreetMap.
- Bug fixed: Some display issues with select taxonomy term dropdown.
- Bug fixed: Empty link in breadcrumb when content title empty.
- Bug fixed: WP All Import support not working for WP All Import Pro version.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with filters causing browser to freeze.

v1.2.7 – NOV 7, 2018
- Bug fixed: Some redirection issues with WPML.
- Bug fixed: Redirection issue with claiming listings after login/registration.
- Bug fixed: Unable to import Number type field values since v1.2.0.
- Improved: Show edit post page on normal page instead of in modal popup window.
- Added: New field renderer to show referenced items selected with Reference type field as links.

v1.2.5 /1.2.6– NOV 6, 2018
- Bug fixed: Edit post link in dashboard not working when using [drts-dashboard] shortcode.
- Bug fixed: Google Maps Timezone API using browser key causing error when referrer restriction enabled.
- Bug fixed: "Scroll to item on marker click" option could not be disabled.
- Bug fixed: Location filter causing filter form to submit twice.
- Bug fixed: Some issues with storing Time type field values.
- Bug fixed: Some more JavaScript compatibility issues with themes.
- Bug fixed: Duplicate auto-suggestions in keyword search field.
- Bug fixed: Restricting form field visibility by user roles causing field values to disappear on certain occasions.
- Bug fixed: Google Maps type/style settings keep reverting back.
- Bug fixed: Shortcodes in notifications not working properly.
- Improved: Added option to enable/disable fields to be displayed inline for Field List display element.
- Improved: Added option to trim trailing zeros for Number type field.
- Added: New tool to adjust Time type field values.

v1.2.4 – OCT 31, 2018
- Bug fixed: Location autosuggest not working when using "Google Maps Place Autocomplete" as address autocomplete service.
- Bug fixed: "Allow empty location" option for Location type field not working.
- Bug fixed: WPML string translation not working for some field labels.

v1.2.3 – OCT 30, 2018
- Bug fixed: Order add-on link in frontend dashboard not working since v1.2.0.
- Bug fixed: Empty alert box popping up on custom login/registration page on certain occasions since v1.2.0.
- Bug fixed: Map markers not showing up when marker clusters enabled since v1.2.0.
- Updated: Autosize JavaScript library to v4.0.2.

v1.2.0/1.2.1/1.2.2 – OCT 27, 2018
- New: Alternative map APIs (OpenStreetMap, Mapbox Geocoding, GeoNames Timezone, Algolia Places)
- New: Custom page for single posts/terms
- New: Map only view
- New: WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin support
- New: WP All Import plugin support
- New: BuddyPress activity integration
- New: [drts-entity] shortcode
- New: Scaled thumbnail images
- New: Option to show logout button in frontend dashboard
- New: FaceBook messenger link field renderer
- New: Added support for “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order” plugin
- New: Option to disable location per listing using the “This listing has no physical location.” checkbox
- New: Allow guest to proceed to submit listing/review page without entering any guest info
- New: Option to use category icons as map marker instead of listing photos
- New: Bidirectional relationships between posts
- New: Use custom image field as default image field
- New: Sort by payment plans with custom order
- New: Enable/Disable featured image (post thumbnail)
- New: Option to show filters by default
- and many more…
See https://directoriespro.com/directories-pro-1-2-0/ for more details.
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